I'm privileged to have worked with some amazing teams on great projects.

I would not be who I am today without the people I've worked with

Renew Your Passport

Renew Your Passport was the first iteration of HM Passport Office's award-winning digital application service – and also my first ever agile project. I led the delivery of three critical features required for the public beta, and successfully took the team through a GDS Service Assessment. As agile was relatively new to the Passport Office, I advocated and educated, increasing buy-in from other business areas. I truly learned on the job, especially about efficient agile processes, team size and shape, and team health and happiness – lessons I've carried forward.

Barnardo's digital content

I led and coached two teams producing great content for the UK's leading children's social care charity. Using agile to introduce agile, I brought in or refreshed the teams' processes and governance. I brought a new degree of transparency to the work through Working Out Loud and used retrospectives to reflect on communications campaigns. This approach produced lasting performance improvements, manifested in two new websites, better planning, and a major internal campaign to support the charity's technology transformation.

Agile training and coaching

I was commissioned by Barnardo's to develop and deliver a simple training programme to introduce colleagues in the charity to agile working. I trained staff not just in Digital & Technology, but also in Children's Services and Fundraising, using simple concepts to demistify a new way of working. I also provided this training to a team at Leicestershire County Council on behalf of Barnardo's. I'm also engaged by other clients to support them on becoming more agile, or to deliver training on their behalf. This is something I'm truly passionate about, and feedback has been consistently positive.

Photo by Carlos Muza on Unsplash

DIT Data Hub

Data Hub is the Department for International Trade's CRM system. I lead two teams developing the management information and data science features of the system. We completely transformed how the department used the data it held, giving it a single view of its performance data for the first time. This freed up countless staff hours, and enabled true data-driven decision making. Recognised as a high-performing team, I led collaboration with other teams so that they could take advantage of our work, in line with the philosophy of reusing code where possible.

Platform APIs

The Platform API project is the first part of Hackney Council's ambitions to separate the data sources, business processing, and user interfaces of the databases used by staff. A complex project, I am supporting and coaching the team to be effective while being fully-remote. You can read more about this current work on LocalGov Pipeline.