How can I help you?

Delivery management

I've delivered digital services used every day by the public, and also internal-facing digital services depended on by people worldwide to do their jobs effectively.

My philosophy is that there is no one right way to be agile – what matters is what is right for my team in our circumstances. I'll help teams blend good practices from different frameworks to get excellent work done quickly.

Training and coaching

Agile isn't just for software. The culture and mindset of agile working can be applied to just about any scenario.

I've worked with organisations to introduce the cultures of agile into their everyday practices. From communications campaigns to fundraising, I can help you work more effectively through adding to your existing toolkit.

Agile isn't just for software

Outside of work I'm a World Record-holding powerlifter. You might not think it, but powerlifting is inherently agile – experiment, fail fast, and iterate.

Just like in product delivery I rely on feedback from others and looking at how things can be done better the next time.

You don't set a record the first time you touch a barbell, so don't think you'll get the right product first time either!

I've also worked with community and voluntary groups across the country to improve their processes for organising events and their digital content. No matter what your interest or field of work, there is almost certainly a way agile culture and practices can help you.